My motivation to start @catchingmachine_performance was realizing that not every player has access to top-level instruction. I would be doing a disservice to the baseball community if I didn't offer help to those players. Whether it be answering your questions in a video chat, discussing your video, or providing guidance in the weight room, I'm here to help you improve as a player!



Please send me your video (up to 5 min in total length). I will review it, and then return a 3-10 min breakdown of your video (depending on the length of submitted footage) within 48 hours, or we can schedule a skype consultation to discuss your video.

During the submitted video or consultation, I will utilize the coach's eye program to breakdown your video and compare it to elite professionals. Then we will discuss drills you can incorporate into your training and answer any questions you may have. We can even practice during the call!

If you have any questions, please email me at


Let's schedule a time to discuss any of your questions, concerns, or run through a virtual catching lesson!

Both audio and video are available.

If you have any questions, please email me at


Elite Collegiate-Style Programming, catered to your success.


  • To build a stronger, more explosive, mobile, and durable athlete that is prepared to handle the demands of our sport.

In-season maintenance

  • Focused on education, injury prevention, arm care, and recovery.

  • Proper warm-up, mobility work, cool down, and soft tissue work included.

Fall Programming

  • Fall programs are designed to restore movement quality after a long spring and summer seasons.

  • They build a foundation for the winter offseason while leaving players fresh and ready to compete on weekends.


  • Each program is unique to the athlete and personally caters to their goals:

    • The athlete's strengths, weaknesses, and biomechanics factor into the design of our programs.

    • School, practice, game, bullpen, and any other life events are taken into account when building a program.

    • Players receive advice on how to navigate said challenges. Programs are designed with the athlete's accessibility to facility and equipment in mind.

  • Programs provided in 3-week blocks that are updated weekly based on feedback from the athlete.

  • Video analysis available.

  • A video demonstration of each movement will accompany each program.

  • Athletes can call, text, or email me with questions, progress reports, and especially the video of them performing movements 24/7.

  • Athletes learn how to track workouts and provide detailed notes for their future understanding.

If you have any questions, please email me at

My ultimate goal is to teach players how to be their coaches!



Please note- This program was made SPECIFICALLY for this player, given his strengths, weaknesses, schedule, how he was feeling, his availability to equipment. We have also worked together for nearly a year now. Do not read into this program and assume you will be doing the same exercises. Every athlete is different. 


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