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Logan O'Hoppe - Philadelphia Phillies

Kyle Brennan has bettered the baseball community with his teaching and knowledge of the game. His ability to work with people is something you don’t come across very often. What i’ve been impressed with and what has helped me personally is Kyle’s ability to get points and ideas across to all different kinds of brains. Everyone is different in ways they learn and operate. Kyle does an amazing job adapting to every kind of athlete in order to make sure they get the most out of what they’re doing. Furthermore, he is very advanced in his craft. I’ve taken a lot of what he knows and have applied it to my game and it has resulted in significant improvement and helped me in my professional baseball career. We need more people like Kyle Brennan throughout the baseball community!



Jim DiGennaro - 11u Father

Kyle has worked with my 11-year-old son for the past eight months. He has turned him into a receiver, blocker and a stellar defensive catcher an asset behind the plate. His footwork and mechanics are light years better than they were before working with Kyle. Kyle’s knowledge of situational baseball, his patience, and temperament in teaching are exceptional. My son looks forward to every workout!



Tom Downey - Philadelphia Phillies Scout

I've known Kyle for nearly a decade. Of the countless players and families over the past 18 years, I've coached, scouted and mentored; Kyle has been of the most, if not the most focused, dedicated, and hard-working of them all. Work ethic is a unique talent that many claim to have, but with Kyle, it was never questioned.

I've seen Kyle transition from player to coach. His love and passion for the game prove even stronger in his interaction with young players. He brings energy to the table and can get his point across to an array of different learning styles. He adapts to get the most out of each player. 

As a collegiate athlete, Kyle was able to improve his mobility while gaining significant strength as well as anyone I've ever seen. With his training as a strength coach, drive for development, genuine nature, and the first-hand experience, I am confident in recommending him to players of all ages and skill levels.



Ben Haefner - Sam Houston St., University at Buffalo, DPT Student

As a former teammate of Kyle and follower of the Catching Machine since the beginning, I could not be more excited about the launch of this website. To date, Kyle’s enhanced knowledge of human movement and vast experience have allowed him to provide top-notch instructional information to his clients and followers consistently. I believe this is only the beginning of the catching machine due to numerous character traits that Kyle possesses. His obsessive attention to detail and intense desire to learn will drive him to stay on the cutting edge of performance training and catching instruction. As a student-athlete, Kyle consistently exhibited the best work ethic I have ever been around and never took shortcuts when it came to his training or studies. I can assure his future clients will get the same tireless effort and attention to detail that he applied to his training. Prospective next level athletes and catchers are doing themselves a disservice if they are not utilizing Kyle’s expertise to improve themselves.